Day 9
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Day 9 - Saturday, 25 May 2002

We arrived in St. Thomas at 8am.  We met our tour group on the pier at 9.  After a brief ferry ride, we arrived at the Water Island dock and library.  We were taken to the top of the island and issue a mountain bike for the trip.  We were then led on a 5 mile trip around the island.  We saw a lot of remains of buildings destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  The bike tour concluded on the beach with swimming and drinks.

We took the ferry back to the pier and walked into St. Thomas.  We had lunch and the Hard Rock Cafe.  It was not a lunch to be remembered.  I think our waitress forgot about us right after we sat down.  After lunch, we did some shopping and returned to the ship for dinner. 

After dinner, we packed our bag.  Our luggage was placed outside our door at about 10pm.  That was the last time we saw it until about 9 the next morning.

vacation-098.jpg (117656 bytes)

The Water Island Library

vacation-100.jpg (132130 bytes)

An iguana.

vacation-101.jpg (80280 bytes)

A brief preview of the end of our bike trip

vacation-103.jpg (82981 bytes)

Some other visitors of St. Thomas.

vacation-104.jpg (82749 bytes)

The top of Water Island.  This was where we began biking.

vacation-105.jpg (97097 bytes)

Some views along the way.

vacation-106.jpg (113710 bytes)


vacation-107.jpg (111264 bytes)

Near the end of our bike trip.

vacation-108.jpg (107282 bytes)

Relaxing on the beach after biking.

vacation-109.jpg (82358 bytes) vacation-110.jpg (119037 bytes)

These are the remains of an old steam ship repair facility.

vacation-111.jpg (88404 bytes)

Our ship in St. Thomas.

vacation-112.jpg (110700 bytes)

An odd sight.

vacation-113.jpg (227828 bytes) vacation-114.jpg (128120 bytes)

Local Boy Scout office.

vacation-115.jpg (83671 bytes)

Our ship again.


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