Day 2
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Day 2 - Saturday, 18 May 2002

We woke up at 9am.  There was an amazing view out the window.  We could see one of the old forts that was part of Old San Juan.  We toured Fort San Cristobal in the morning.  It was awesome.  We then walked to El Morro. It was bigger and more impressive than San Cristobal.  Miss Universe contestants were touring the city.  We also saw Ponce de Leon's house.  Hours in the sun today, and we are still pasty white. 

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Cannons in Fort San Cristobal

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Looking from San Cristobal towards Fort El Morro

vacation-004.jpg (116350 bytes)
vacation-005.jpg (81746 bytes)

Crews quarters.  This was a room for twelve

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vacation-013.jpg (114844 bytes)

Our hotel, The Wyndham Old San Juan, as seen from Fort San Cristobal

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Cannon tools.

vacation-017.jpg (106220 bytes) vacation-018.jpg (117628 bytes)

Cistern used to store drinking water.

vacation-019.jpg (93865 bytes)

Model of the Fort

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vacation-021.jpg (124261 bytes) vacation-022.jpg (94299 bytes)

The drawings of a ship captain awaiting execution.

vacation-023.jpg (86548 bytes) vacation-024.jpg (91364 bytes)

Looking towards Fort El Morro

vacation-025.jpg (84795 bytes)

The large grassy area was a defense against an attack from the land.  Note how there is no place to hide.

vacation-026.jpg (100085 bytes) vacation-028.jpg (89915 bytes) vacation-029.jpg (106807 bytes)

Interior of El Morro.


Day 2 Continued

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