Day 3
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Day 3 - Sunday, 19 May 2002

Departure Day

Since we didn't need to be at the ship until the afternoon, we relaxed by the pool in the morning.  At noon, we checked out of the hotel and headed for the ship.  Check in and boarding at the ship was very orderly.  There were a lot of lines, a lot of waiting, and a lot of security.  They did an excellent job of keeping everything running quickly and smoothly.

We dined at the Main Seating, 6pm.  Seating was assigned.  We shared a table with two couples, Derek and Alison, from Ann Arbor, Michigan and Becky and Frank,  from Arlington, Mass.  Dinner was Chicken Cordon Bleu.  

There was a muster drill at 8:15pm.  It was a brief exercise in putting on the life jacket and going to our lifeboat.  It was very smooth.  Each life vest had a person's stateroom number and muster station printed on it.  That helped the crew direct people in the proper direction.  Women and children were first in line.

The ship left the pier just after 10.

vacation-058.jpg (88029 bytes)

This is the view from the hotel pool.  Our ship is on the right.

vacation-061.jpg (106805 bytes)


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