Day 6
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Day 6 - Wednesday, 22 May 2002


Since we had a lot of sun yesterday, we decided it would be safer not to go to the beach as we had planned.  We had a leisurely breakfast and headed into town.  We made a quick tour of the shopping area.  We also checked out Fort Amsterdam.  While in town, we ran into Derek and Allison.  They had arranged to take a tour of the island in the afternoon.  They invited us to join them.  That afternoon, we toured the island with them.

We visited the place where they make the Curacao liqueur.  We sampled four flavors.  They were very strong and tasted like cough medicine.  The last stop on the tour was the Hato caves.  Impressive.  They didn't allow photos to be taken inside the caves.  First, because it was a commercial thing.  Second, it might disturb the bats.

Evening entertainment was an impressionist.  It was all singing, but very good.

vacation-081.jpg (94832 bytes)

Our first view of Curacao

vacation-082.jpg (76767 bytes)

Oil refinery

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vacation-089.jpg (104756 bytes)

Fort Amsterdam

This is now used for government offices.

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Beaches of Curacao

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Showing the process of making the Curacao Liqueur.

curacao020.jpg (80439 bytes) vacation-091.jpg (91720 bytes)

Wildlife seen at the caves


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