Day 5
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Day 5 - Tuesday, 21 May 2002


Our main event for the day was snorkeling.  The tour started at 9.  Everyone boarded the catamaran for the trip to our first stop.  After a very brief instruction, we were allowed into the water.  Since I was without my glasses, I saw nothing.  Alexis enjoyed it.  Everyone returned to the boat to move to the second spot.  That location was a sunken ship from the early 40's.  I remained on the boat since I couldn't see anything and I had my fill of saltwater.  Alexis took the camera and jumped in.  

After we returned to the ship, we cleaned up and headed back into town for lunch.  We ate at a little cafe called The Paddock.  After lunch, we toured some of the shopping areas in Aruba.  There wasn't a lot there.

We returned to the ship for dinner.  We ate at Portofino's on the ship.  It is a fancy, Italian restaurant.  Reservations are required and the meal only cost $20.  Drinks were extra of course.  After dinner, we went to the ice skating show.  It was very good.  It was amazing the things they could do on an ice rink that small.  It was about half the size of a basketball court.

vacation-070.jpg (82026 bytes)

This was our first view of Aruba.  We were arriving at breakfast time.

vacation-071.jpg (81486 bytes)

Some people were able to see this underwater.

vacation-072.jpg (75985 bytes) vacation-074.jpg (91716 bytes)

This is what it looked like if you didn't go under the water.  The nearsighted stayed on the boat at the second snorkeling stop.

vacation-075.jpg (80546 bytes)

Another underwater shot.

vacation-076.jpg (72199 bytes) vacation-077.jpg (75537 bytes)

A couple we met from Germany.  He is from Holland and she is from Puerto Rico.

vacation-078.jpg (113479 bytes)


vacation-079.jpg (117458 bytes)

This the The Paddock.  We ate lunch there.

vacation-080.jpg (99246 bytes)

Another part of Aruba.


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