May 14
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We began the day with the Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace.  The ceremony takes place daily at 11:30am.  Since it is a popular tourist attraction, we decided to get there early for a good view.  The ceremony takes place over a large area so it is impossible to see it all from a single vantage point on the ground.  The Old Guard forms up in front of the Palace.  They are joined by another two group marching in from two different directions.  At one point, the band played the music from the Austin Powers films and a medley of ABBA songs.


After the ceremony, we had lunch followed by Tea at Brown's.  We walked around Hyde Park, Bond Street, and then toured Harrod's Department Store.
Changing of the Guard Ceremony

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Items from Operation Granby 1991 (Desert Storm)

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Bond Street

This is a big business and shopping area.  

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DAF truck

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