May 12
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We made a twenty minute walk to the train station and rode the train into downtown London.  We began by looking at some of the sights near the Waterloo station in London.  We toured Westminster Abbey and then proceeded to Tony Blair's place.  On our way, we stopped at Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms.  After touring the War Rooms, we stopped at 10 Downing Street.  We happened to see Tony Blair and company leaving.  


We continued on to Trafalgar Square.  From there, we went to Buckingham Palace.  We arrived to late to see the Changing of the Guard, so we toured some of the other sites there.  We walked through the Queen's Gallery which displayed gifts and art given to the royal family over the last few hundred years.  We also toured the Queen's stables called the Royal Mews.

Weather in the morning was good.  There were scattered clouds and temperatures in the low to mid-60's.  The afternoon saw several heavy rain showers.  They only lasted 20-30mins and then things would clear up again.  This happened two or three times in the afternoon.

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The typical train

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The Life Guards

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Cabinet War Rooms


 The Queen's Gallery did not allow photography.


Dscn2957.jpg (112390 bytes) Westminster Abbey


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Buckingham Palace Dscn2994.jpg (65993 bytes)
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Royal Mews

The Royal Mews are actual working horse stables.  Harnesses and carriages are also stored here.

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