May 13
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Tuesday was spent walking around the Bankside-Southwark area. We visited Tate Modern which was once a power plant.  The museum even kept a overhead crane that came with the original power plant.  The Tate showed famous paintings by Raphael, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Monet, and Serat.

Tate Modern

This is a museum of modern art.  It is a converted power plant.

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This is not the actual Globe Theater.  It is a well researched reproduction.  It is the same size and shape as the original.  It was built using the many of the same techniques.  Some were updated.  Cow hair isn't what it used to be.  No power tools were used.  They do show plays here and those in the "cheap" seats stand in front of the stage for the performance.

Shakespeare's Globe Theater
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The gate contains a decoration representing each of Shakespeare's plays.

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Blackfriars Bridge  

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St. Paul's Cathedral

The cathedral was closed for cleaning prior to its 300th year celebration.  We weren't able to go inside.  We did happen to run into a couple from Kirkland.

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Tower of London
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Raven cage

According to legend, if the ravens ever left the Tower, bad things would happen.  There are always six ravens here and two spares.

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White Tower

This contains the Armory

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Various images from the armory

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Jewel House

This house the Crown jewels used in the Coronation procession.

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