New York 2004
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    Our second vacation for the year 2004 was a trip to New York City.  The trip started with a flight from Seattle.  We made a brief stop in Las Vegas and caught a connecting flight to New York.  We had only enough time in Las Vegas to get off the plane, use the bathroom, and get on the next flight.  The weather for the two flights was excellent.  I don't recall seeing many clouds.

    The first day in New York was sunny and warm.  It was not so hot that it was uncomfortable.  The next three days were rainy and cloudy.  That kept things on the cool side.  We were hoping for some sun to have a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and some great views from the observation deck of the Empire State Building.  We put those stops off until later in the week and were rewarded with a sunny Thursday and Friday.

    We did notice rather early on during our visit that food is a bit on the expensive side.  For example, one day at lunch I ordered a Coke that was listed as a $4 item on the menu.  I received a 10oz bottle for my $4.  We did find some very large sandwiches though.  One place served a simple pastrami sandwich that was about 6 inches high.


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