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The day was off to a good start.  We were scheduled to depart on Alaska Air Flight 547 from LAX to Sea-Tac at 2:26pm.  We arrived at the airport and got through security by 10:30am for our 2:26pm flight.  At check-in, there was a message that flashed on the screen indicating the flight might be delayed until 5:16pm.

After we took seats in the waiting area near the gate, we noticed that the Departures monitor listed the flight as “On Time.”  There was no information at the gate regarding the flight.  As 1:00pm approached, there was still no information at the gate.  We were able to discover that our flight would be delay even though the monitor still indicated “On Time.” 

In the end, it wasn’t until 4:00pm that the “Customer Service” agents announced that the flight would not depart until 12:15am.  They then volunteered to assist passengers with other arrangements.  We were put on a 7:51pm flight out of the John Wayne airport.  They had difficulty offering such basic information about what would happen to our checked baggage and how we were to get to the John Wayne airport for our flight.  Alaska Airlines did provided us with a Super Shuttle van trip to John Wayne.  Our bags were put on a flight to Seattle.  Lucky bags.   We eventually arrived back at Sea-Tac airport at 11:15pm.  This was 6 ½ hours beyond our original scheduled arrival time.

After writing a letter to Alaska Airlines describing our day, they did provide us with a voucher for $125 off a future flight with them.


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