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Our first stop was Cabo San Lucas.  We did some kayaking on this day.  Because of the shallow water, there wasn't a pier for the ship.  Tender operations were required to shuttle passengers to the beach.

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Cabo San Lucas

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The rock at the left is the Southernmost point on the Baja Peninsula.  We were able to kayak around that point.

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Rock formations at Lover's Beach.

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This is the Pacific Ocean side of Lover's Beach

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This is Lover's Beach looking toward our ship.

mexico2004-06.jpg (111577 bytes)

Our kayak guide (in the white shirt)

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We had lunch at The Office (shown here).  The Office is a small restaurant on the beach.  Good food and slow service.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines ship parked near ours.

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This is one of the last tenders of the day returning to the Vision of the Seas.

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Sunset at Cabo.  

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