Day 2
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Most of day two was spent at sea.  We were supposed to arrive in Nassau at 11:00am.  Due to some strong winds and currents, we didn't arrive until about 1:30pm.  We went ashore and began walking to one of the old forts on the island, Fort Charlotte.  After that, we walked back through the shopping area  and on to Fort Fincastle and the Queen Victoria Staircase.  After that, it was back to the ship for dinner.  

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Fort Charlotte - built in the late 1700's.

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Soldiers were bored so they turned to carving things in the rocks.

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Queen Victoria's Staircase

(66 steps - one for each year of her reign.)

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Queen Victoria's Staircase from the top.

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Nassau Water Tower

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Fort Fincastle

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This building was once a prison.  It is now the Police HQ.

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Atlantis Hotel and Casino

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 Another Royal Caribbean ship in port

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We met up with the Disney ship again.

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