Day 1
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We left Sea-Tac at 12:30am on 14 August on a Continental Airlines flight.  We landed in Houston at 6:30am for a connecting flight to Orlando.  At the time, we didn't know that a Tropical Storm, Erika, was forming to the south of us.  Over the course of the next two days, it eventually headed west towards Texas and did not present any issues.  Upon our arrival in Orlando, we boarded a bus for the hour long trip to the pier.  It rained almost constantly for the entire ride on the bus.  That was our only rain to speak of on the trip.

We boarded the ship about 1pm, looked around a bit and ate lunch.  Our ship, the Sovereign of the Seas, departed Port Canaveral just after 5pm.  

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View from the second leg of the flight to Orlando.

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The Centrum area of the ship.

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Looking out towards the sea.

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The Sailaway party before dinner on the first day.

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Heading out to sea.

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