California - Day 5
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  Day 5 included a ride from Madrona Manor to Armstrong Redwoods Park.  On the ride to the park, we stopped and toured the Korbel Winery.  We also tasted some of their Sparkling Wines.  In my opinion, it was the best I tasted on the trip.  Following a picnic in the Redwoods, we returned to the Madrona Manor.  On the ride back, we stopped at the Hop Kiln and Rabbit Ridge Wineries.  Alexis and I were fortunate enough to check out the fire apparatus of the Russian River Fire District.  Thank you to the crew on duty 19 July for pulling their engine out for some pictures.

Thursday's Route

Flowers from the Korbel

Winery garden.

The Forest.


Part of the Feast

Our guide, Dan

Hop Kiln Winery

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