Day 10 - Sunday, 26 May 2002

Today, we left the ship and went home.  We left the ship at about 10am.  We went to the terminal and searched for our luggage.  After locating it, we got in line to get through customs.  Once clearing customs, we boarded the bus for the ride to the airport.  Upon arriving at the airport, we got in line at the Delta counter to check it.  An hour later, we checked in.  We didn't actually get a seat assignment until about 30 seconds before we boarded the plane.  We flew on a Boeing 767 this time.  I sat near the middle of the plan while Alexis had a seat that was more forward.  We departed San Juan and headed for Atlanta.  It was one of the roughest airplane rides I have ever experienced.  At one point, they stopped food and beverage service.

Once in Atlanta, we waited for 4 hours for our flight to Seattle.  That one had a few bumpy spots in it too.  We landed in Seattle about 9:30pm.  After collecting our luggage and arranging for ground transportation.  We finally made it home about 11pm.


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