Commercial Fire in Downtown Renton

We were finishing our burger at The Whistlestop Alehouse in Renton. I heard sirens and looked out the window in time to see Engine 22 (from District 20) coming around the corner. It sounded like it stopped nearby. I thought it was odd the a non-Renton unit would be responding downtown. I went outside to see what was going on. Three fire engines were already on location. One had even hooked up to a hydrant. Two engines were from outside Renton. Aid and Engine 12, from the Highlands, we’re there along with Battalion 12. Engine 52 then arrived. Shortly after that, Engines 11 and 16 were on scene. Most activity was focused on ventilating the building. I was surprised there was no truck on location when Ladder 54 arrived from Tukwila. The crew went to the roof.

I found out later that there had been a fire in the building that was extinguished by sprinklers.

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